Sunday, 20 June 2010

The very first Divine Liturgy

Today we celebrated the very first Divine Liturgy at our new Church.

Obviously the building it is not ready as yet. We still need to do a lot of works to make it properly usable.

But it was an excellent opportunity for our members to experience a full Holy Service in the new building.

Although the weather was not very complimentary, the atmosphere was very warm spiritually.

At the end of the Service the President of the Community, Mr. Pantelis Demosthenous, had greeted the congregation and reminded everyone about our duty to support financially the sacred project.

Then Mr. Demosthenous, accompanied by the Vice-Presidents, Mr. Andreas Georgiades and Mr. Petros Christofi, kindly thanked the Parish Priest Fr. Anastasios and his family for serving the Church and the Community for 18 years and they offered a very nice present to Fr. Anastasios and Presvytera Virginia.

The Service was attended by the Greek-American comedian Basile, who greeted the congregation with very nice words.


Α. Παπαγιάννης said...

Καλή αρχή!
A real blessing for all those present, and a moment of gratitude and satisfaction for all those who have contributed to this great work.
May you soon see finished what promises to be a really beautiful church.

St. Panteleimon Church said...

@ Α. Παπαγιάννης,

Thank you for your kind wishes and nice words. All the best to you.