Thursday, 24 June 2010

Around the... heavens, again

All our bricklayers and their assistants are working today around the... heaven, that is the Dome.

The heaven of our Church is being nicely bricked.

Going up there and looking the area around gives you a different perspective of life.

The Greek poet Sotia Tsotou has written a nice poem, on the idea of looking from above, which is sung by the famous Greek singer Costas Hatzis.

Some of the verses are the following:

When you look from up on high the earth is like a painting...
the houses look like matchboxes, the humans look like ants...
and whatever has hurt you if you look at it from up on high
it will appear to you so unimportant that you will forget it in a moment”!


serafim said...

o megalos Xatzns!!!

agapnmevo tragoudi
wraies 8umnses.

St. Panteleimon Church said...

@ serafim,

Είδες πως δένει ο Χατζής με το μεγάλο έργο μας!