Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A Parish Outing to Cardiff

Yesterday it was a Bank Holiday and a very beautiful and sunny day.

The Ladies Sisterhood of our Parish had organised an Outing to Cardiff for the day.

We hired a coach and we had 50 people on board. Ages varied, from School children to retired people.

Fr. Anastasios had organised a full day programme. We firstly visited the famous Cardiff Castle and we admired the splendour of the architecture and we were excited to see in some of its Rooms elements of the Greek culture (the Greek alphabet, various inscriptions in Greek etc.).

Then we walked through the City Centre towards Butetown, where the Greek Church of St. Nicholas is situated.

At the Greek Church we were kindly received by the Parish Priest Fr. Iakovos and many lay members of the local Greek Community. The people there were very kind to offer us generous hospitality at their Community Hall and then we moved to the Church where we sung the Supplicatory Canon to Virgin Mary. At the end of the Holy Service Fr. Anastasios and Fr. Iakovos both spoke to the congregation and the two Priests offered presents to each other as well as to each other’s congregations.

The next item on the agenda was a visit to the Cardiff Bay, the place which used to be a famous port and now has been greatly developed and transformed into a huge cultural centre. We enjoyed a nice walk in the afternoon sunshine and then we started going back to London full of happy pictures and many nice experiences from the Capital City of mighty Wales.

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