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The Youth Association of our Community proudly presents Basile, the Comedian we all know and love. He will be in the country for three shows on the 18th, 19th and 20th of June at the Magic Flute, 31 High Street, London N8 7QB. Basile has been in London before. Many people from our Omogeneia in London keep contacting him in America, asking him to come back and offer us again his funny jokes as well as his gushing Aristophanic comedy spirit. Thus, our Youth has arranged for Basile to come and entertain us as he only knows how to do.

For the past years the Youth has organised many events basically aiming in assisting the Community of St. Panteleimon to fulfil its dream, of building a new Byzantine Greek Orthodox Church. This dream is now becoming a reality, so it was only natural that the Youth continue to organise events. In the past it has organised many parties and social gatherings. Laconically these are Dinner and Dance with Elvis, Christmas party with Madonna, party with Tom Jones (all these grant names of famous singers obviously refer to impersonators), car wash and BBQ, bouzoukia night and a talk on the “Childhood and Youth of our Lord Jesus Christ”. In 2006 and 2007 members of our Community Youth represented the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain in Constantinople, at a meeting with the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and at the Second Youth Conference under the auspices of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, respectively. This past Christmas the Youth donated £3000 to the Community, to help with the building of the new Church, which is now in the second phase and will soon (by the end of this year) be finished. This coming event is a new challenge for the Youth Committee, which greatly believes in the support and the love of the Greek Community here in London. We are all invited to attend these comedy shows, enjoy ourselves, and through these events donate money towards the building of the new Byzantine Church of St. Panteleimon.

Those who would like to attend Basile’s shows please call: 07985 - 726 677 (Demetri), or 07949 - 252 859 (Pani), or Greek City on 020 - 8889 0186.

Basile offered an interesting interview, to journalist Andrea Constantinou - Georgiou, which was published in the Greek paper of London Parikiaki on 3rd June 2010. We present below the whole of the interview:

How do you feel to be returning to the UK for the third time?

Wow, how do I feel??? GREAT! I'm so happy to be coming back to London! You know, I feel some type of kinship with the Greeks and Cypriots in the UK... You have to read the letters, emails and notes that I get from my fans from all over the entire UK to understand how they have been touched by my humor, but more importantly, how I've been touched by their love. From children to adults and even senior citizens who quote my material on a daily basis and then send me their stories of how "they" grew up along with various antidotes, it's just touching! So, when it comes to my fans in the UK, I'm the most blessed person in the world... and I mean that with the utmost sincerity!

Have you mastered the British accent?!!

I think I have it down, however, it's the spoken Greek with the British accent that makes me laugh. With the stiff upper lip and the clenched jaw, that's what kills me. Not just how you say things, but the things you say make me laugh as well... For example, the last time in London, before a show, this nice guy comes up to me and introduces himself to me and is telling that he recently "lost four stones". I didn't know what to say... I asked if he was having a "kidney Stone" attack? He said "no", and that left me confused... So, I picked up a few pebbles from the parking lot and handed them to him. I told him that, "This should take care of your loss until after the show. After my show, we can go and pick up a few more rocks to settle your nerves". He about fell over laughing... I had no idea what the hell I said until later that night! I'm an idiot!!!

What can we expect from your shows this time round?

I'm getting ready to film my fourth "Growing Up Greek In America" Comedy Special DVD very soon, so there's over an hour of new material that will be performed for the series of shows! However, I will still have that high energy pace combined with some Improvisation. It seems that my fans expect that from me and I'm ready to deliver!!

Do you improvise most of the time?

I have an outline of material that I maintain; I then combine that material with my Improvisational skills, which in turn makes my material a bit more personal for that specific show! So you may know the punchline, however there will be slight variation of that punchline that makes the joke even funnier because of your intimate surroundings.

Will your act incorporate parts of your Growing Up Greek In America series?

Of course! The title of "Growing Up Greek In America", is just that... a title! My show is intended for ALL English speaking Greeks, who are bilingual, around the world! Even if your Greek is limited, DON'T WORRY, so is mine! LOL You'll understand the joke and it's punchline, not only through word, but through my facial expressions, my physical body movements, inflection of my voice and my way of creating that character that we can ALL identify with. That's what I love about my show! Everyone, from children to ninety year olds can identify with my humor and the situations that we find ourselves in when dealing with our family, faith, traditions and culture. I perform my shows with clean, positive material that makes us laugh at ourselves without the negativity and profanity that some other comedians use to get a cheap uncomfortable laugh. I'm all about Family, Memories and Laughter in my shows, and thank GOD it seems that my fans here in the UK are as well!

You're one of the hottest comedy acts in the US, is that a good feeling?

It's wonderful to not only have the following that I have with the Greek communities internationally and home in the USA, but to also have a large following of "Non-Greeks" in the United States is a true blessing. From Comedy Clubs to large theatres to Casinos in Las Vegas to Atlantic City and just about every other venue in the US and Canada that I headline at, I maintain the same principals when I perform my Greek shows. Of course the material is different, but the audience seem wrap themselves around the character based entertainment that I perform. It's fun!!

How long do you see yourself doing comedy?

Is there a mirror in front of me? LOL This way I can see myself doing comedy for a while... HAAA! I kill my self!! Okay, how long do I see myself doing comedy? well... until all my bills are paid!!! LOL Look, I love doing what I do. Even with a new TV show that is planned for this fall in the USA and a screenplay that I just finished writing and now working to find the right producer and director for the film, I still want to be on stage to entertain. This is who I am and this is what I love doing! I get up up every morning and I can't wait to get to work! How many of us can say that???

How is Basile the husband/father different to Basile the comedian?

It doesn't pay!!! LOL My entire family has a great sense of humor. We all tease each other mercifully and give each other hell all the time! It's good to be home and to be with them, it really is. My time is VERY limited and any time I can spend with my girls is always special. I still have to take out the garbage, but hey, I'm a macho kind of MANGA! LOL They are my heart and soul that keeps me in check and the love they give me is immense. They are my everything!

Proceeds from your UK shows will help fund the renovation of St. Panteleimon Church. What message do you want to send out to our community here?
Isn't that wonderful! We can all come together and have a GREAT laugh and at the same time help St. Panteleimon to fund the renovation of a Great Greek Orthodox Church! I was so pleased to do it... My only concern is, will there be enough seats and shows for all of my friends and fans in the UK! I want everyone to come and have fun for a great cause! Don't be on "Greek Time" and wait to get your tickets, GET THEM NOW!! Andrea, do me a favor and give all of the details needed for your readers so that they can get their tickets for this great cause! I must leave you but I'll see you all very soon June 18, 19 & 20! Come visit me at www.OPABASILE.com My love to all of my fans in the UK.

Yiasou Baby!

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