Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sponsored walk

Last Sunday our Community, with the great assistance of Mrs. Mary Nicolaou and her family and friends (Mrs. Mary Papapavlou and others), organised a 3 miles Sponsored walk in financial support of our great Church building project.

About 80 people of all ages had voluntarily and joyfully taken part in the walk.

It was very touching to have so many kids from our St. Panteleimon Hellenic College taking part in the walk.

So far we have collected from 50 walkers about £10.000. There will be some more money coming in within the new few days from the rest of the walkers.

Our Parish Priest, Fr. Anastasios, had gratefully received excellent support by many people and his sponsoring money had reached the record amount of £3050.

We are very happy for this great success and very grateful to all people and families who supported this event in many different ways.

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