Thursday, 31 March 2011

Altar & Icon-screen

Today the wood-carver Mr. Eugenios Amanatides with his associate Costas came from Thessaloniki, Macedonia, North Greece in order to help us put all the wood-carvings in place.

We started with the Holy Altar, a very beautiful piece of ecclesiastical art.

All the little pieces were assembled and made up what is the Holy Table for our new Church.

Then we started gathering together the many pieces of the huge icon-screen.

It is really like a very complicated puzzle of an enormous size.

Many members of our Community were gathered there in order to assist.

Both young and old, strong and weak, male and female, they all came to help and thus get the great experience of making up a real place of worship.

This is obviously quite a big job which is going to take a few days to be completed.

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