Monday, 21 March 2011

New wood-carved doors

Today we had a really full day, from early in the morning until late.

Paddy and Vassile were involved in preparing the steps for the Sanctuary.

Then a lorry came and brought wood-carved doors from Cyprus.

Although not a lot of pieces they were very heavy and we were less people than the other day, when the lorry brought the icon-screen from Thessaloniki.

So, it was quite a big job to unload the lorry and store the doors inside the new Church.

It was mainly young members of our Community who had help on this.

Nicos, Vassilis, Marios, Adrian and Dan, accompanied by Fr. Anastasios, as well as by some members of the older generation, had worked hard.

It is worth noting that all those people they helped on a voluntary basis.

Therefore we are really grateful to them for their valuable assistance.

In the evening Fr. Anastasios (behind the camera) and Mr. Pantelis Demosthenous, the President of our Community were invited to talk on the London Greek Radio about our sacred project.

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