Sunday, 4 July 2010

...from a distance

Some people are telling us that now with the new Church and the way it looks they are not missing it, as it was happening with the old small and very ordinary Church building.

So I thought of going around the neighbourhood and looking at our new Church from a distance, trying to see what the visitors see.

It certainly looks an impressive and imposing kind of building, a building with a specific religious identity.

This was our initial thought when we were designing and organising the whole project; to produce a place of worship which would project to all visitors as well as to passers by our faith and tradition.

With the Grace of God, His guidance and inspiration, we have managed to almost realise our aim. It only needs a few more months of hard work to complete what was being dreamt of for such a long time.


serafim said...

nice photos!!
It's indeed a Landmark

Anastasios said...

@ Serafim,