Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Blessing of Linda Koupparis' Bridge

Today we had the honour of Blessing the new Bridge in Northolt (NW London) in memory of the late Linda Koupparis, beloved wife of our Community’s Architect Mr. Simos Koupparis.

We gathered at the Bridge at 4.00 pm and celebrated the Holy Service of Blessing of the Waters as well as a Memorial Service for Linda.

Mr. Koupparis, Linda’s sisters, many of her friends and neighbours, a local Member of Parliament, an ex-Mayor of the London Borough of Ealing, many local Councillors, the President of our Community and others had gathered there to attend the Service and honour Linda.

The plaque placed on the bridge read: “Dedicated to Mrs L. Koupparis for her perseverance and endeavours for a new rail bridge at Petts Hill, Northolt”.

Fr. Anastasios and others spoke about Linda and about the bridge, that magnificent product of the modern technology and architecture, which makes life easier for the local people and whoever uses it.

The people who spoke about Linda emphasized her dedication and courageous spirit when fighting for local social matters.

She was instrumental in getting many things done, in both her local area and beyond.

All people remember her vividly and prayed for the repose of her good soul near the throne of our Holy God!

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