Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The reasons for having an Office

The modern city Churches have these days an Office, in order to facilitate in the best possible way the pastoral needs of the Parish.

It is usually a small room attached to the actual Church and it is there where the Priest will meet with Parishioners, to discuss their needs. He will also store there the records of the Parish (Baptismal, Confirmation, Marital, Funerals etc.), as well as the official correspondence.

He will also issue there the various Certificates that his Parishioners usually need.

When there are people in the Church and there is need for a private conversation or even Confessions the Priest uses the Office for those purposes.

It is an appropriate place where the Parish Priest will receive his Archbishop, or his colleagues – Priests, when they come to visit him and the Parish. He will then offer them hospitality there, by the means of a traditional Greek Coffee.

The Office may be used by the members of the Church Committee as well as by the members of the Ladies Committee or even the Youth Committee when needed.

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