Thursday, 13 May 2010

“Here and There”

HARROW is a north-western suburb of London. I was born there - in North Harrow, to be exact, on the edge of Pinner. I spent the first ten years of my life there - in the same street that, I discover, much later on Androula Georgiou lived in (some of you know her: she worships at the Monastery). So, for reasons of sentiment, I have long kept an eye on the Greek Church in Harrow, St. Panteleimon’s, and now watch with interest as they currently built a fine, Byzantine-style, church. I hope to visit it when completed. Preparing for the new building, it seems they have been having a clear-out, and via Androula, I have received a gift of a small pile of nice saucers for St. Helen’s. So if you see me slurping coffee out of a nice white saucer with a red border, you will know I am just returning to my childhood!

This is a text by Fr. Alexander Haig, published recently in his Parish Newsletter. He is the Parish Priest at St. Helen’s Church in Colchester. We thank him for his nice words.

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