Thursday, 3 September 2009

Pile Cage

Today we’ve observed the engineers injecting the so-called “pile cage” into the earth.

This pile cage is the actual reinforcement for the pile.

The piles are 14 metres deep, while the pile cages are 6 metres deep.

The John Doyle engines push with their grand power the pile cage into the pile.

Chris, the Project Manager, had explained the operation and even designed it on paper, so we can understand it better.

Meanwhile the wooden gates, which secure our premises, had been prepared on site today and put in their place by our Church’s Chief-Chanter Mr. Andreas Kazamias, who is a professional carpenter.

Our caretaker Mr. Charalambos Michael and our Senior Altar Server Mr. Neofytos Constantinou had assisted Mr. Kazamias.

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