Monday, 4 July 2011

Stefanou Brothers

The leaders of our Community invited Mr. Stefanos Stefanou and Mr. Stelios Stefanou to attend the Church Service yesterday and at the end they offered them honorary plaques.

Fr. Anastasios offered some welcoming words and then the President of our Community Mr. Pantelis Demosthenous said:

«Very Reverend Father, Mr. Stefanos and Mr. Stelios Stefanou, Dear brethren in Christ,

We welcome you all here today to rejoice the near completion of this Byzantine new Church to the glory of the Triune God. This is the result of continuous efforts against all odds since establishing our Community 36 years ago. Efforts that have been supported by you the people of our Community and Church.

The breakthrough to the 36 years long efforts that made it possible to start the building of the Church it was the coming into the scene totally by miraculous coincidence of Mr. Stefanos Stefanou and Mr. Panicos Herodotou, who have never been known to us before. It is true that only few days before Mr. Stefanou and Mr. Herodotou came to the scene, we were facing failure with all efforts and your sacrifices coming to abrupt end.

It is the noble gesture by Mr. Stefanos Stefanou to support our plans and his offer to build the first phase of the Church at a capped contract price affordable to our Community that was the breakthrough to the dreams of all of us becoming a reality. The generous donation by Mr. Stelios Stefanou has made the marble flooring of our Church possible whilst Mr. Panicos and Mrs. Xenoulla Herodotou at their own initiative ordered and donated the iconostasis, the altar and all the Church furniture.

It is for this reason that we shall always remain grateful to Stefanos, Stelios and Panicos. You will always be remembered as the Great Benefactors of our Community and Church. We are also grateful to Mr. George Antipas who has always been generous and kind in arranging and donating the freight of the Church furniture and other items for many years.

Of course the most important of all contributors to this wonderful Church it is you, the people of the Church and the heart of our Community. Your presence and support all these years, sacrificing your time and making the effort to be here and donating generously, is the prerequisite ingredient of all progress. The congratulations and thanks are owed to you the people. Rejoice this day».

Then the Ladies of the Church Ladies Sisterhood offered flowers to the wives of the Stefanou Brothers and Fr. Anastasios offered to the Stefanou Brothers honorary plaques.

After the Service there was a fundraising lunch at our Church Hall. Fr. Anastasios announced there the new contribution of the Stefanou Brothers, which was £16.000 for the making of a double headed eagle floor mosaic.

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