Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Action around the Church

Today is another very busy day, full of action, with many workers all around the Church.

Plastering, bricklaying, fixing of stone, coppering and many other important works take place at our new place of worship.

We really cannot wait until the time comes when we shall officially enter the Church for the first Service.

Today I received a letter by a friend of mine form West Wales asking me whether I would invite him at that first Service.

It seems like there is a great interest on our project which makes us very proud and privileged as well as very conscious of the importance of our work.


Serafim said...

....Hope there will be also more people (particularly the ones who can easily afford it)interested in donating towards this big project. Not only from our community but from the whole Ομογένεια.
Every single donation will help towards the cost of this big project, a real Landmark !!!

St. Panteleimon Church said...

@ Serafim,

As Homer was saying:

“δόσις δ’ὀλίγη τε φίλη τε” -

“and a gift, though small, is welcome”

HOMER, Odyssey, VI.208