Saturday, 2 October 2010

A message from Fr. Meletios

The Archimandrite Fr. Meletios Webber is an Orthodox Monk-Priest, who originally comes from Scotland. He served our community as its Parish Priest from 1978 up to 1984. Now he serves as Abbot at a Russian Orthodox Monastery in U.S.A.

Our Parish Priest, Fr. Anastasios, informed Fr. Meletios about the good endeavours of his old Parish in Harrow to build a new Church, asking him to keep us in his prayers as we are entering the last phase of this sacred project.

Then we received the following message from Fr. Meletios:

Dear Father Anastasios,

I was thrilled to get your email, and to see the progress you are making with the new Church. You have all worked extremely hard to do this, and I congratulate you on your efforts.

I may have to come to the UK quite soon to look into some publishing plans. If that is the case, perhaps I can come to Harrow (my parents have both now reposed... they used to live in Pinner) to see the Community with my own eyes. Much has changed since I left the Community in 1984!

I pray for you all, and seek your holy prayers in return.

With love in Christ,

+Abbot Meletios

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