Thursday, 23 September 2010

Men Working!

I was very joyful to see at the entrance of our building site today the panel with the details about our building programme showing “10” more weeks to go up to the completion of the works.

It was a great feeling to realise that we come close to the finishing point of our great project, of our grand dream.

Then, as I was looking at the building site, just outside of the new Church, I’ve noticed the truck of the scaffolding company which had the emphatic inscription at its rear “MEN WORKING”, with one exclamation mark on each side of the inscription.

It is more than certain that the building industry is still a very manly world.

Many modern women may not like this, but the work being very demanding and hard obviously needs very strong human beings to work in it.

Bricklaying, plastering and roof works are still in progress, all being in the final stages.

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