Sunday, 18 September 2011

Our Sunday School

From today Sunday 18th September 2011 we started our new Sunday School.

The School age pupils who came this morning to the Church were invited by Fr. Anastasios our Parish Priest to join our new venture.

Right after they received Holy Communion all kids moved to a room of our Community Centre and stayed there for about 30’ with Mrs. Andri Kiriakidou, who is in charge of our Sunday School.

At our new Sunday School our kids will learn about our Christian Orthodox Faith, about our Church Traditions, our Church Festivals and Customs and many more.

We celebrate our Sunday School:

- Because God’s Will Is Being Done!

- Because God’s Word Is Being Studied & Taught!

- Because God’s Love Is Being Shared!

- Because God’s Work Is Being Done!

- Because The Lord’s Day Is Being Observed!

- Because God’s People Are Assembled & Enlisted!

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