Thursday, 15 September 2011

Many specialists

Everywhere in our Church and Community premises there are various specialists working today to bring our new Church and the new rooms of our Community building on the required level.

At the entrance of the Church yard, outside the Church building, inside the interior, on the staircase of the Bell Tower, as well as on the first floor of the Community Centre something is being done today.

The weather is complimentary today and that is a good sign from the Heavens.

Our workers are of various nationalities also; Greek-Cypriot, English, Irish, Romanian, Bulgarian, just to mention a few.

We are certainly very happy with the way the work is being done and we are very thankful to all workers involved in the works at our Church and Community Centre.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent building. I pass by it every few days and it is the most outstanding architecture for miles. My best wishes to all who worked on the project and to the congregation who have done the local area so proud with this landmark. May it stand in Kenton Road for centuries to come.
By the way, you were flying the Union Flag upside down a couple of days ago.