Sunday, 7 March 2010

Veneration of the Holy Cross and Backgammon Competition

According to our Church calendar the day is dedicated today to the Veneration of the Holy Cross.

Thus, we had in the morning in our Church a special ceremony in order to celebrate this great festival.

After the morning Holy Service we had in our Community premises a Backgammon Competition, organised by our Hellenic College Parents’ Committee, in financial support of our College.

Many people had taken part in the Competition. The atmosphere was really very joyful.

1st winner was Mr. Demetris Xioutas. 2nd winner was the Treasurer of our Community Mr. Soteris Constantinou.

The Ladies of the Parent’s Committee had organised a very delicious buffet lunch. Bambos Charalambous of Awards of London (Talbot House, 204-226 Imperial Drive, Middx. HA2 7HH) had sponsored the trophies. The final contribution made by the competitors towards our College’s expenses was £450.

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P. Kapodistrias said...

Συγχαρητήρια για όλα!