Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Bells are here..

...and they have been stored in the Bell Tower.

We’ve experienced a really historic moment today, as we’ve received the bells that came from Greece and we stored them in the Bell Tower.

These are two bells, painted in a nice golden colour.

They bear icons of our Lady as well as various Christian symbols on them.

The date on the bells is 2009.

They have been produced by a famous Greek Bell Company, called “Tsitoura Brothers” and based in Peiraias, near Athens.

With the help of the modern technology they were lifted up and placed in the Bell Tower.

They will stay there until the Tower is fully complete. Then they will be put in their final position.

It is still early to listen to their sound, but the Bell Company has given us advice as to how we should ring them.

They will work with an electrical system and they will be managed from a control panel, place in the sanctuary.

There will be joyful, mournful, resurrectional, as well as other sounds, produced by the bells.

We really look forward to the time when they will be ready to ring for the first time.

It is worth mentioning that the financial cost for the making of the bells was met by two benefactors of our Church and Community, namely Mr. George Stylianou (Trustee of our Community) and Mr. Zacharias Philippou (ex senior Altar Server at our Church).

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