Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Under the balcony

The title today could have been “in the Narthex”. “Narthex” is the first area as we enter an Orthodox Church. You may also call it entrance hall.

In actual fact I stood this morning in the Narthex area and under the newly erected balcony.

I thought that the balcony is now quite high, although my initial feeling, when I saw it being built, it was that the balcony would be low.

But having no experience of the building process I could not judge properly as to its height when I was looking at it a few days ago.

It was quite touching to have stood underneath the roof of what is the balcony’s floor. This is actually the first roof element in our new Church.

I looked ahead, towards the Holy Sanctuary, and I had seen the scaffolding; a lot of scaffolding.

I then looked behind and I could see the openings where the traditional byzantine doors will be fixed.

It is impossible to explain how a Priest feels when he sees his new Church taking a real shape. This is where the dream becomes a reality.

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