Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Holy Sanctuary Apses

Today we have pictures of what is happening at the back of the Church building.

Intense preparations are taking place for the erection of the 3 Sanctuary Apses.

The emphasis today was on the central one, which is the Altar Apse.

The other two Apses are related to the other two parts of the Sanctuary, called “Place of Preparation” and “Place of Deacons”.

The architectural tradition of the three Apses comes from the Byzantine era, and in particular from the time of Emperor Justin II (565-574 AD).

From that time onwards the large Church buildings are triapsidal (having three Apses on the eastern side).

Very close to the Sanctuary Apses, between the building site and the Community building there is a corridor, which is used by mothers who bring their kids to our St. Panteleimon Nursery. For reasons of safety this corridor was covered with wooden roof.

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