Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mr. Stefanos Stefanou

The Building Company that will construct the concrete frame of our new Church of St. Panteleimon is John Doyle Plc. The owner and Chairman of the Company is Mr. Stefanos Stefanou, BSc (Eng) FICE OBE. Mr. Stefanou started as an employee of that Company. Eventually by his hard work and perseverance he managed to become the sole owner of the Company.

He is a very kind and generous man. A real gentleman. From the moment he became aware of our project he showed enthusiasm and support. We know that he follows the developments closely and he is aware of all the various stages of the works. He is one of those positive people, who would like to see the project finishing successfully and on time. The Greek Orthodox Community of St. Panteleimon owns him a big thank you for his support and encouragement.

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