Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bricks from the old Church

The old Church (now almost gone) was built on 1932. It was part of the local Anglican Parish. Actually it was their second Church, in one corner of their Parish, and was named after the “Holy Spirit”.

On 1989 the Greek Community started sharing it with the local Anglicans. The truth is that the number of Anglicans who were worshiping at this Church was declining. Thus, in October 1993 St. Panteleimon Community had got the full use of the building and by January 1994 we purchased it.

Since then until a few weeks ago we had this Church building as our own Church and we were in many different ways emotionally attached to it.

Our Church Committee knowing and recognising this reality had requested from the demolition company to preserve 2000 bricks and 200 roof tiles in order to distribute to those of our Parishioners who would like to keep something, a “souvenir”, from their old Church.

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