Friday, 30 April 2010

Bricklaying on the Sanctuary apses

The bricklaying continues according to the programme.

The Sanctuary apses look really beautiful with the bricks on them.

In actual fact the bricks bring warmth to the building, while the concrete is just a cold building material.

Around the Sanctuary windows the bricklayers build red colour bricks.

This obviously gives a different effect to the wall surface and looks really nice.


gerry said...

this is a fantastic building. the brick work brings out the real beauty of the windows and arches. the brick laying company is doing a great job. ....gerry new york. god bless this church and all the workers

St. Panteleimon & St. Paraskevi Church said...

@ Gerry,

God Bless you too!

Thank you for your complimentary comment.

Anonymous said...

The brick laying so far shows great craftsmanship, what wonderful contractora!! Where are they based? God bless the work

Anonymous said...

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