Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The barrel roof

Today I was offered a tour by our Project Manager, in order to see the progress of the works in general.

First of all we had a look at the Sanctuary apses, which have started being concreted.

Then we moved up on the second platform, which has been laid in the interior of our Church, in order to facilitate the making of the barrel roof.

It was very interesting to see the progress of the works which is not clearly visible from the ground level.

I normally have a fear of heights, but when I go up in the Church I feel uplifted and I remember the Nobel prize winner Greek poet George Seferis, who has written the verse: “Little by little we get raised up, raised up, raised up”.

The next few weeks will mainly have intensive works on the roof, in order to produce the barrel roof as well as the dome.

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